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What is FlorinA

With FlorinA you can do this for free...

Your Photo

Take photos all over the world! Come home, plug your camera into your computer, make some clicks and let FlorinA create your album for you. All without the obligation to buy commercial software or free software that include annoying ad banners and more.

Album creation

With just a few and guided steps you will be able to add a text to your photos or simply reduce them, all in just one click! You can choose the type of font, background and a lot more!

Responsive Design

Your album will be compatible with all your other electronic devices such as tablet, smartphone and of course personal computer. FlorinA is being used with PhotoSwipe, the best web album available at the moment. If you are a programmer or have information technology skills you will be able to add code lines in order to amplify or modify the functionalities of your album.

FlorinA Features

Some features of FlorinA

  • Modification of photos

    Add text to your photos

    FlorinA is able to process all photos with only one click, just write the text and choose the color you like. At the end of the process all of your photos will have a colored text and will be in the position you have chosen before.

  • Modification of photos

    Reduction of photos

    FlorinA is able to process all photos with only one click, just write the percentile or the size you want for your photos. At the end of the process all of your photos will have the new size you have chosen before.

  • Album creation

    Web album creation

    FlorinA will elaborate the values you have chosen, like type of font, font color, background page, number of columns, social network links and a lot more. At the end of the process your album will be visible immediately in your browser and you will be able to modify it with just one click.

  • Elaborate Gps Data

    Put your photos on Google Map

    FlorinA is able to create a Google Map with all photos to view them on the maps directly.

  • Code syntax

    100% markup validity

    The generated code was checked with no errors, in accordance with the specific World Wide Web Consortium. This provides seamless integration with search engines like google, yahoo and compatibility on all devices.

  • Web album creation

    Web album index generation

    FlorinA is able to create a convenient web page index which contains all the albums you have created. Besides being responsive and costumizable it contains also a search filter which will allow you to find the desired album link.

  • Album upload

    Upload with Client FTP

    FlorinA has integrated a client FTP with which you can upload your albums in just one click by inserting the data of your host.

  • And

FlorinA Portfolio

Some examples of album generated with FlorinA.

Album demo

A little album example.

Album Map

A little map example.


Work on your mobile phone & tablet.


Some information about the developer of FlorinA.

Francesco Gerratana


Taking photos is a lot of fun, but when you get home it is not anymore! You find yourself in the midst of thousands of photos scattered on your hard disk with exotic names given by your digital camera and smartphone because let’s face it, we are all lazy and nobody takes the time to sit down and configure it! This is why you sometimes need a program that will create an album with very few and simple steps. Since we all don’t want to upload the photos on our page and then hear a friend say “nice, but I can’t look at it on my I-phone!” I have been browsing the web for a free program that could help me, but, at best, I found my computer full of ad banners, ADaware, etc. or even things like “you have reached the limit of 30 free photos, to proceed please buy our PRO license!”. That is why I started for fun to create small scripts, batchs etc. just to learn that actually they were really helpful and that I was using them more and more. Only when a friend asked me how to use this script I had decided to make a little guide which was appreciated a lot. Since I use a lot of free software I decided to share my work with others – welcome to FlorinA! Obviously my life is not made of flowers and air and I have costs as well, so if you have found FlorinA helpful or if you want me to add new features in the future, make a symbolic donation and help me maintain the development of FlorinA!
Thanks and good use!