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Use gps data easily

Use gps data easily

Just download the program exiftool and insert your API key obtained from Google into Gps2img. You will be able to write or delete gps data inside your photos for free.

Add gps data to photo

Add gps data to photo

You will be able to add gps data to an image with a single click. Add location to multiple pictures/photos at once. just click on the map the location and choose which photos to add the gps data to.

Delete gps data from photo

Delete gps data from photo

You will be able to delete gps data from your photos with a simple click, how many times our gps is not precise and we want to correct with a more exact position the coordinates? With Gps2Img you can do it in seconds..

What GPS2IMG can do

With this free program, you can manipulate GPS data quickly. No need to write anything in the command line. Here are some features you'll have at your disposal:

  • Add gps data to photo/picture.
  • Add gps data to multiple photos/pictures.
  • Remove gps data to photo/picture.
  • Remove gps data to multiple photos/pictures.
  • Use the precision of google maps engine.

View in action Gps2img

View in action Gps2Img

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About Download Gps2Img

I am an amateur photographer and I really enjoy collecting photos of all kinds in the places I have visited. Often the smartphone battery is not enough to have the gps always on, or the coordinates are not accurate, so back home I looked for a free and fast software to add the exact gps values to my photos but I was not satisfied with my search. So I decided to write one for myself and since it works very well I decided to share it with you. All of this is free with no banner ads or anything, I just ask that you subscribe to my social channels below and maybe make me a Donation. The program does not contain any virus, I simply have not purchased a digital signature and therefore is not recognized as reliable by antivirus, you can use a virtual machine or a sand box if you do not trust me! It would be nice to release the source code on github, if many of you will make me donations or subscribe to my channels I will release it and continue to update it for you! Thank you all.