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Easy Configuration


Just select the folder where the game are saved and the loader load your game on the listview. You can also select a txt file containing a list of your games and the loader will create their folders. You do not have to do many operations to have your loader working!



You can place the icons, images, sounds, videos and more to be able to give a nice look and feel to your games. Just rename all files with the same name, except for the background images that will have a bg_ prefix. You can read the help in the loader or watch the video guide on youtube nextechnics.



To play, just double-click on the title in the listview. In each game folder you will find a load.bat file that you can customize with your commands to launch your game.

What Taito TypeX Loader can do

With this free program, you can easily use the Taito Type X emulator. No need to write anything in the command line. Here are some features you'll have at your disposal:

  • Scan a directory of games.
  • Insert videos and covers of your games.
  • Run an emulator through a graphical interface.
  • Play your games.

View in action TaitotypeX

View in action Taito TypeX Loader

About Taito TypeX Loader

This program was written for an educational use, does not include any copyrighted files, do not ask me how to find them, does not intend to support piracy, it's free and without any guarantee. If you do not agree to these rules, please do not download it. This program was born from my curiosity, I wanted to try to write a frontend for an emulator, and I chose the one for the Taito Type X system. So I decided to write one for myself and since it works very well I decided to share it with you. All of this is free with no banner ads or anything, I just ask that you subscribe to my social channels below and maybe make me a Donation. The program does not contain any virus, I simply have not purchased a digital signature and therefore is not recognized as reliable by antivirus, you can use a virtual machine or a sand box if you do not trust me! It would be nice to release the source code on github, if many of you will make me donations or subscribe to my channels I will release it and continue to update it for you! Thank you all.