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What is Winfilesmagnet

With Winfilesmagnet you can do this...

Often we start working without ordering our files into the specific folders because we don't think of it or because we are messy, so time passes and we find ourselves with a lot of disordered files and when we decide to order them, it would be a huge waste of time. So this is when Winfilesmagnet comes into play, because with only one click you can sort your files by type and date in specific folders. For example if you would like to sort all the photos by day just choose the source folder, choose the type and then choose ES.jpg DAY, in this way Winfilesmagnet creates a folder JPG for each day that the photos were created and it will also create a folder within this folder for every day. At the end there will be a CVS file report with the details of the files and errors created automatically, such as when a file was not copied because you did not have the rights.

How to sort files into subfolders by date by type?
how to find duplicate files in a subfolders?
how to extract mp3 tag from mp3?
How to export File Directory information in CSV format?

Winfilesmagnet sort files into subfolders by date by type.
Winfilesmagnet sort files into subfolders by date by type.
Winfilesmagnet find duplicate files in a subfolders.
Winfilesmagnet extract mp3 tag from mp3.
Winfilesmagnet export File Directory information in CSV format.
Winfilesmagnet is free without any adware.
Winfilesmagnet is portable.

Why Winfilesmagnet?
Because I wrote it for myself , and I decided to share it!
You can make a donation if FileMagnet was useful to you, I might decide to add other functions to the program.

Order the Disorder

Your desktop looks like a puzzle? Do you postpone ordering your files every day, and now it is too hard ordering and organizing your documents? Well, don’t worry, with Winfilesmagnet it is possible to do that easily.

Easy and clean interface

With just a few and guided steps you will be able to order your files, all in just one click! You can choose your preferred order type and a lot more!

Export to CVS

Your files are listed in a CVS file at the end of the process, and you can check the information about the files ordered and more.

No Adware 100% Free

Winfilesmagnet is free and without Spyware, Adware etc... the author asks you only a donation if you like Winfilesmagnet and if you want to help the author to maintain the development of the program.

Winfilesmagnet Features

Some features of Winfilesmagnet

  • Why Winfilesmagnet

    Order your crazy disorder

    Winfilesmagnet is able to process all files with only one click, just choose the files you need to order. At the end of the process all of your files will be copied in the position you have chosen before.

  • How to work

    The process to order

    Winfilesmagnet is able to process all files with only one click, just select the option you want for your files. At the end of the process all of your files will have the new order you have chosen before.

  • Report

    Auto save the work to CVS

    Winfilesmagnet elaborates the files and lists them in a useful file CVS. At the end of the process Winfilesmagnet writes all information about your file and reports errors if some files aren't copied.

  • And

Winfilesmagnet Portfolio

Youtube Demostration
Some examples of album generated with Winfilesmagnet.

Example use demo

A typical situation: you have a lot of disordered files...

Result process demo

Winfilesmagnet orders all your files in a specific folder...

Report demo

Winfilesmagnet generates a CVS file report with all...


Some information about the developer of Winfilesmagnet.

Francesco Gerratana


Since I use a lot of free software I decided to share my work with others.
Welcome to Winfilesmagnet!
Obviously my life is not made of flowers and air and I have costs as well, so if you have found Winfilesmagnet helpful or if you want me to add new features in the future, make a symbolic donation and help me maintain the development of Winfilesmagnet!
Thanks and good use!

Francesco Gerratana